Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

notes of a morning

It's overcast here in Seattle for the third day. It's great. The office is darkish though, and it's against my religion to turn fluorescent lights on, but the dimness isn't disposing me toward work. Also, it's Friday. But you know what the great thing about today is? I have a meeting scheduled from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m.!

Oh wait, that's not the great thing. That's the stupid thing.

In the wave of spandery kissage recently, more than one person has mentioned having an S/X story in progress, and I'm all excited. And all random.

I did nothing but sleep last night. Sleep and eat pasta and sleep some more. I'm trying to remember back because I feel like I must have done something else during all those hours, but in fact I think, no.

Meanwhile in the demented upper stories of my head, Spike came back home from the Nazi camp and had the stylist chop off all his hair--hair which had been Rapunzeled by magical conditioner ("Longer, More Lustrous Hair!") to femmey tresses--and of course he bleached it again, but he kept wearing make-up and raided Angel's closet for sheer black shirts and decided to become Wolfram & Hart's company whore, according to the tenets of his new self-debasing religion, all of which Angel remains as yet unaware of.

I was thinking more about Harmony. sue_donym, in her review, reminded me that I'd been trying to figure out what her deal is. She doesn't drink human blood? Why the hell would anyone at W&H, prior to AI's takeover, care if she drinks human blood or not? What made her go on the wagon--put down the neck and pick up the bottled otter juice? I'm curious to see how much they'll tell us and what they'll do with her character. She's such an oddball; at the moment she's throwing the whole souled/unsouled, human/vampire, good/evil dynamic out of whack, and I'd be glad to see that problematized--it's an old bitch of mine--but I wonder if ME will really use the reinvented Angel to undermine the old BtVS premise that much.

sisabet said recently that "So now you have a fandom where the Vampire Slayer is no longer the binding force - but rather the vampires." That really struck me, as I hadn't looked at it quite that way, but yeah. The slayer-focused show is over, and the vampire-focused show is taking up the reins with not just the titular Angel but *several* vampires in the mix. I think they must have wanted Harmony as a foil to Spike and Angel, the soul men. And yet right out of the gate she's essentially defanged, rendered Harmless. She's a vegetarian, essentially. It's odd.

I still find the differences between newly risen vamps like Holden and Billy Fordham curious....

Meanwhile, Angel is now willing to kill humans. And Spike is *capable* of it. I wonder if Angel will rein him in or admit that Spike holds an equal footing, if it comes to that.

This could really be an exciting season of Angel. I have made an icon in honor of it. I am all trendy (and bored with my icon set). I was going to label it "trendy" for truth in advertising, but I didn't want to distract from that Byronic and immaculate...ness.
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