Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

background noise

Am working from home this afternoon, with BtVS playing as background noise.

Least favorite scene in the series, *ever*: Xander being forced to dance in the frat house in "Reptile Boy."

In "Halloween" we see Angel waiting to meet Buffy for coffee in the Bronze, wearing a light-blue, button-down shirt. Poor dork. He's trying to impress her, that's clear, which is probably also why he's forcing laughter at Cordy's inanities. Funny, though; the Jossverse is always full of these little moments that only become intriguing in retrospect. That is, here's one of the few rare Angel/Cordy scenes we ever got on BtVS--if the show had gone one way, they'd be insignificant, but instead Cordy goes to L.A. and hooks up with Angel and they eventually become close enough that they even fall in love with each other (to what extent is left to viewer interpretation, I guess). And of course, Cordy's first interaction with Angel, ever, if I recall, is her failed attempt to catch his attention in the Bronze as he's heading over to see Buffy.

ETA: And then Willow goes on to say that Cordelia is not Angel's type. Ha. Of course, the Cordy of this and prior eps is so far from Saint Cordelia of A:tS that you kind of have to boggle and squint and suspend disbelief.

Ohhh, hey...the scene where Willow lifts the watcher diary from the libary while Buffy distracts Giles cracks me up. Hee.

However, the info that they find in the diary is utterly bogus and lame. There are no words. (Equally there are no words for that dress. The pinkness of which blinds me and oversugars my synapses.)

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