Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

clever, optimistic thought of the day

Is Buffy fandom getting ready for a paradigm shift?

If so, from what to what? But it's interesting that at the same time that Buffy has ended, the AI team has abandoned its old group identity and is taking up the reins of Wolfram & Hart. Are we moving away from a focus on redemption to something else? I still wish I could remember that little epiphany I had the other day about how this season of Angel was going to play out thematically. I hate when my brain overwrites itself.

Someone had a useful post once talking about the proper definition of redemption, in context of other religious terms. I suspect it wasn't on LJ or I'd have put it in memories--maybe it was in baraita's blog.

Giggle of the day. What would I do if Xander showed up at my door disoriented and high? Hmmm....

Quote of the day, from yesterday: "Also, Angel starts tomorrow and there will be much gay." -- sparkledark

Yes, well. That was a load of morning happy, right? So then I go and glance over my friends list again and I see it...that first tiny flicker of menace in the corner of my eye as someone revs their engines to bitch about Spike's presence on Angel this season. You know what? I don't care how much I love the peeps on my friends list; I don't care if someone is darling and funny as hell and incisive the other 99% of the time. I'm already feeling hypervigilant and I don't want to be, and I'm implementing a one-strike rule. The first anti-Spike comment I see in someone's LJ that makes my stomach twinge, they're going on filter for the next eight months. I'm sorry to be such a bitch, but I am pursuing my zen (which I'll never actually find, but I do chase after it like Elmer Fudd after the rabbit). I'll miss y'all. See you in a year, yo.

Welcome to my bubble.

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