Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

inca mummy girl

I suppose you could call this one of the show's less-good episodes, but there's still much fun. Xander really gets to be TheWB Boy in this one--the dancing montage is kind of out of tone for the show, or at least for Xander's character; it's really one of the few times he gets to be romantic leading guy material. Likewise when he comforts the mummy girl after she tries to kill Jonathan; he's so sweet and funny and cool there. We get very little of that with later girlfriends; with Cordy and Anya, he's much edgier. (Plus it's very neat the way that scene is shot, by the way; the lighting and shadows. I think it's supposed to be under the stairs?)

Other fun stuff--Willow in her Eskimo outfit, Oz seeing her and being dazzled, Jonathan's and Devon's cameos, the running joke of Cordelia & Sven, references with continuity back to "Prophecy Girl" to close out the ep.

Also, Buffy was at her S2 yummiest in this episode; so very ripe and pretty you can see why Spike's going to get all obsesso about her.

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