Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

oh my god.

Giles's outfit in "The Harvest," when he's got the brown cardigan buttoned up and the twee handkerchief peeping out of one pocket?

Gayest. Look. Ever.

I will accompany this post with the icon of Giles Glaring at Me.

ETA: Other interesting things about "Welcome to the Hellmouth" and "The Harvest."

- Buffy exhibits from the very beginning an incredibly savvy and creative approach to fighting; when she goes up against Luke she kills him by tricking him into thinking he's been struck by sunlight. And yet two seasons later, the council still thinks she needs to go through the brain-not-brawn ritual in "Helpless"? Shyeah. That ritual was such a crock. There were some ulterior motives there that even Giles didn't know about. I've seen someone theorize that it was historically intended to kill off slayers before they became obstreperous and uncontrollable--too strong. I'm not sure that theory works perfectly, but I do wonder about the point.

- Angel is very hands-off in the beginning, and super-suave, and it's hard to reconcile his weird, stalkery, uncommitted behavior towards Buffy with later retcons.

- Darla is not the Darla we see later, queenly and composed and in complete control. She's a bit servile toward the Master, much the minion. You've got to wonder what happened to her along the way and what she was doing for the last 30 years before the Master began his attempt to rise.

- Willow bests Darla with holy water. Darla's not at the top of her game.

- Buffy saves Xander, Willow saves Giles, Xander saves Cordelia.

- Cordelia exhibits her earliest signs of geek-interest (for Vamp!Jesse).

- Xander kills one of his best friends (inadvertantly, but it counts); before he does, he's pretty obviously torn up about Jesse turning into a vampire. Afterwards, we don't see an especially heavy reaction. If he's feeling anything, he's hiding it. It makes you wonder what kind of practice he's had hiding bad things. (Of course, Willow exhibits the same roll-with-the-punches good humor, so it's not the best evidence of Xander's secret domestic abuse history. Heh.)

- Again, I must point out: Giles is very gay.

...skipping away now...
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