Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


Is there anything cuter than Xander in "Welcome to the Hellmouth" as he skateboards down the sidewalk, sees Buffy for the first time, gets lost in a gawk, and clotheslines himself on the handrail? I don't think so. It's so "The WB!" And yet so utterly not. (The hair! He's a floppy-haired boy! For about three episodes.) It's notable that you don't even get the faux teen-angst-lite opening until after you've seen Darla vamp out and rip into hapless Victim Number One. Whose corpse later falls out of a girl's gym locker. This is not your, um, sister's WB. Or something like that.

(Also, the Humbert Humbert scene where Giles looms behind Buffy in the Bronze, chin practically on her shoulder, dick practically in her back pocket--how'd they fly *that* past the suits? Heh.)

I listened to Kane's "Crazy in Love" twenty times yesterday, I think. Is it wrong that I tried to hear it with different pronouns? Yes. Yes, it is. I've been wandering through my Lindsey-Spike fantasy for three days now, and it's been kind of a failure. Hot, but ultimately a failure. Lindsey really wants Angel. No matter how much hot sex with Spike I give him, it's all "Angel, Angel, Angel, toss me over a table, Angel!" I let Spike save his ass and nail his ass, I sent them to a fancy L.A. restaurant and fed them on the richest foods--lobster! live mink!--and it was romantic as hell, but Lindsey was all hung up on the Big Brooding Guy and wouldn't let go his dream of becoming Angel's cuddle monkey and fighting the good fight somewhere slightly to the left behind Soulboy's looming, stoic form.

I've had to accept it, of course: the Big Guy, Little Guy Law trumps Spike's massive sex appeal. Big guys and little guys go together like ham and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, Jack and Coke. Angel and Lindsey: Jossverse OTP #4, I think.

Oh, well. Spike gets plenty of trim in all my other fantasies.
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