Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

home, now?

Well, the day is half over.

There really is no such thing as bad Stevie Ray Vaughn. Also, he is The Sex. This music is giving my head images of men fucking that distract me from the XML pages I'm making. Wes and Spike and Xander buffed to a fine hotness, doing each other hard. (Scruffy wes, Xander a la The Pack, Spike a la...Spike.)

Also, I have now rewatched all of season two Angel and can say without a shred of a doubt that Lindsey needs someone to toss him over a table and ride him hard. Except now he's gone. Fuckers.

The mental picture of Spike ridden by just about anyone--gasping, arching, swearing--is enough to make my eyes glaze over.

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