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People have been writing & sending me links to smut. I had smut for lunch! I am a happy girl. I have two and a half hours of meetings coming up, which along with the excavaction of my inbox pretty much takes care of my first day back. I'm delaying re-entry into the rut groove.

It occurred to me while I was picking up a sandwich earlier that the s/x story idea I had would actually fit into Sidelines. So that's cool, I guess, though I'd been fiddling with the possibility of a single, less structured story. Also...well, this is broadly "spoilery" for thoughts I've been having about Sidelines & Noir so I'll put behind cut tags in case people want to skip.

The story idea I've been talking about deals with how Spike could get a soul--in a way rather different than he did in canon--and since I'd been thinking of doing that for Sidelines, it'd work well there. But I've also been thinking on and off again for a long time now about how Spike is presented in Noir, and what I want to do with him. In the very first story I opened and then closed the door on the possibility of a soul for him, and since then I've been playing with an unsouled but weirdly chivalric Spike. How far do I want to take that? How far can I take that without begging for ever increasing suspensions of disbelief from readers? I assume most readers of Noir are of a redemptionista leaning, which is ironic in that Spike is still "evil" by canon terms. Some people said, way back when I first posted, that they liked the decision to leave Spike unsouled. But can he stay that way and still function in a long-term way? He does in Barb's "Necessary Evils" (I hope *that's* not a major spoiler for anyone) but I'm not sure I want to go that route.

I've been trying out different game plans as I write Noir story notes to myself, thinking about what I could do with him. It's unresolved. And then, what if I had soul arcs in both series? I don't think I want that. But how do you get redemption and change without a soul? I used to snap and bite about the idea that a soul is the *only* avenue to redemption. But I think I've gotten more resigned to it, in most contexts. Part of my story "bunny" in the last 24 hours got me thinking new thoughts about how free will functions into that equation, and about possible metaphysical explanations for vampires. It's kind of neat, where my thoughts lead me. But...well, anyway. I have to run to a meeting now.

I'm not asking for ideas, by the way. Just wibbling aloud.
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