Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


Giles in "Dead Man's Party," strong-arming Snyder to get Buffy back into school: cornering the man in his office with a hand to the throat, smiling down at him as he says, "Would you like me to convince you?" A few decades earlier he was Rippering around London and conjuring demons; four months earlier he was going after Angel with fury and a savage burn for vengeance. Two years later, he's unsheathed steel from velvet enough to kill a man in cold blood; two years after that and he's willing to let another man murder Spike, and aid him with all deliberateness.

I don't think Giles was ever out of character, but he was given short shrift, especially toward the end. All that wasted effort on the red herring--is he or isn't he?--of whether he's the First's apparition, when with the council largely destroyed, he could have stepped into the vacuum and become a huge power player of consummate skill, manipulating events and people, taking up the reins of command and coming to a *real* clash with Buffy--and then both of them coming to terms in the aftermath, as they build new alliances and authority systems and traditions.

Yeah, it's all about the what-might-have-been now.

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