Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

the life

I slept late, hacked around on the computer, saw a movie, had lunch at the Crumpet Shop, took a ferry ride, bought fudge, bought books, bought shoes, and then sat in a coffee shop reading and writing, came home, lay on the couch, hacked around on the computer some more, the end.

Independent. Wealth. Is it too much to frickin' ask? I ask you. I want every day to be like this.

My ankles hurt like hell from all the downtown walking, though. Walking--it should be something you can just depend on being able to do, whenever you like, for as long as you need to. Not so.

I saw "Cabin Fever" today. It's a horror movie, so I'm sure it's not for everyone, but it's damn good. Its chief selling point for some BtVS fans might be that one of the main characters, the one who carries the POV (and whose actor is remarkably named "Rider Strong"), is a dead ringer for Xander. Not for Nicholas Brendan, but for *Xander*. He is the *essence* of Xanderness. It was just un-fucking-canny. I loved watching him every minute, marveling at it, especially as his character developed in a certain way I found very satisfying.

There was a lot of blood in the film. A *lot* of blood, and extremely realistic, which I don't see too often in horror movies. It also had a macabre humor and tons of genre homages and, I'm guessing, in-jokes, which I rarely worry about as long as the out-jokes are sufficient for the general audience.

Also, as horror movies go, it really was...this may sound odd, but it was remarkably disturbing. It wasn't an attempt at cinema verite by any means (a la The Blair Witch Project), but the characters and the actions taken and the general progress of the film were fucked the hell up.

I'd see it again.

(I'm not going to make spoilery remarks about it here, but anything goes in comments.)

There were 20 minutes of previews, several for other horror movies. The remake of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" looks equally freaksome, and I think I'll have to go see it.

Still haven't seen "28 Days Later," but the viewing of "Cabin Fever" has perhaps oversaturated my urge. "Jeepers Creepers II" is a rental, if that, since the latter two-thirds of the original disappointed the first third's promise so thoroughly. For some reason I haven't gone to see "Freddy Vs. Jason" either. I thought I would, just for kitsch value, but it may end up a rental too. "Once Upon a Time in Mexico" is a maybe (Johnny Depp, of course), as is "Matchstick Men" (if the combined force of Ridley Scott, Sam Rockwell, and Alison Lohman beat down my reluctance to see Nicolas Cage act up).

I desperately want to reset the clock to last Thursday and start my vacation again. I mean, I have four more days and I'm trying not to think of them as "only four more days," but damn it. Fuck.

I suppose there's really no chance I'll win the lottery if I never bother to buy tickets. Duh.
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