Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

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freaky computer

I am about ready to tap the imaginary funds I do not fucking have and just give in and buy a whole new computer. Tonight, when I log on, my home PC is giving me weird DOS debugging windows, throwing AOL error messages (I haven't used their bastard service for four years, but apparently I'm not allowed to remove their shortcut from my desktop, the fucking satanic fucks), and dialing up my ISP *automatically* in some weird poltergeisty display of autonomy--*AND* something has fucked with Netscape so that I can't use that instead of IE to avoid pop-ups. It has always worked fine but now locks up and chokes on itself.

I fear change.

P.S., if I ever appear to have a weird psychotic break and start e-mailing death threats (which I first typed as "death pets" and then "death threads") to people and posting here about my passionate, carnal love of gophers, it will be because some hacker has shadowed my password entry and gone wild with my e-mail and journal.

Yes, thanks, I *am* at the height of my paranoia. Plus, I'm too freaked out to think of any creative expression for my rage. Variations of "fuck" are all I can utter. I think I should have worked "uncle-fuckers" in there somewhere.
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