Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

The Stupidest Story Ever, Continued

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six
Part Seven

I'll update this post with later parts until I die randomly stop. Call dibs in comments here if you want to be involved.

On the way home just now, riding on the bus, I planned the beautification of Seattle on my laptop:
Low-lying rooftops would be filled with trees and gardens, overhanging luxuriously. Metro buses would be glossy red, like British double-deckers, and free of advertising. The dull interior walls of corner convenience stores and parking garages would be covered with illustrious murals that people would go out of their way to view, even though they were pocketed away on side streets. Gardeners would be assigned a single block of trees each, or maybe just a single tree, to tend so that they flourished. McDonalds would be required to change its font. Cheap advertising would be stirpped away everywhere it was found, and Art Deco would be legislated. Neon could only be used in moderation, brick would make a comeback along with scrolled gates, paving stones, and marble.
Sigh. If only.

When I got home I found that I'd received my Angel season 2 DVDs, a copy of "Why Girls Are Weird," my "Equilibrium" DVD, and a copy of the out-of-print CD "Hannah and Her Sisters" that I surprisingly won on eBay for only $23. I've been wanting that thing for years! Years! I'm listening to it now while eating noodles and letting a muted MST3K tape play on the TV for background noise. Happy happy happy.

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