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17 August 2003 @ 10:40 am
Jolene Blalock must live! Live, I say!  
Belatedly, I feel rather bad about condemning JB so callously to her mortal fate. I mean, what if someone posted in my view, "James Marsters must die!" I'd be pretty pissed off. And honestly, the main problem with "Birthright" was the writing. There's really not much that can be done with writing like that.

I was dwelling on this in my unconscious state, it seems, when my pager woke me up for the second !@#$%!!! time after 4 hours of sleep just now.

Enterprise is another matter entirely, of course. All the episodes I saw sucked. I can blame that on the writing, too, though I wasn't really impressed with JB's T'Pol either. (T'Pol? I'm not going to look that up. My eyes are swathed in grit.)

Must update database. Then go back to bed, accompanied by wacky BtVS AU dreams.
Estepheia: Jayneestepheia on August 17th, 2003 12:08 pm (UTC)
For some reason hubby and I watched the first season of Enterprise and then half of the second season, and boy, does the writing suck dead toads through straws.
I was disappointed. I expected more from Scott Bakula, but mostly I felt that the producers had taken the hitherto annoying political correctness (casting by numbers: one blackAfro-American, one Asian, one high-ranking woman, blah di blah) to unprecedented heights and boredom.
Rehashing old story lines does not help and making the not terribly attractive or interesting cast take their clothes of didn't improve things. At. All.

There were a handful of interesting episodes, one of which actually featured Jolen Blalock as one of her ancestors, an epi set on earth during the 1950s, and some of the time travel ones were ok, but on the whole my BtVS trained corrupted eyes keep searching for layers, metaphors, anything that tells me that the events I witness transcend mere stupid precictable plot.

I wouldn't blame Jolene/T'Pol. *shrug*
It seems Paramount spent most of its good ideas on DS9, lost their impetus during S7 of that show, fizzled during Voyager and came to a grinding halt in Enterprise. God knows why.

Whenever I think of the fact that Enterprise got a third season when Firefly got cancelled, I feel like pelting the stupid ship and its entire crew, the writing staff and the producers with truckloads of rotten tomatoes.
Heck, even Andromeda is way better, and that's a bit of a Kevin-Sorbo celebration. Ick....

Sorry to use your LJ for my rant, but it was fun to get this off my chest (again). ;-)