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15 August 2003 @ 04:34 pm
comfortably dumb  
I've accomplished a lot today. I got out of bed and came to work. I ate a scone. Later, I walked several blocks to a place where I ate lunch. I read 24 or perhaps 27 pages of To Say Nothing of the Dog. And all day I breathed. Continuously.

In short, brava. Brava, I say. With great sarcasm.

But I did mail my taxes off yesterday. I think they're even correct. It's a coin toss really. One minute I thought I was getting a $3,700 refund, and a few calculations later this turned into a $36 payment. But whatever.

Poem of the day: The Initiate by Charles Simic.

Thought of the day: ngyahhzzzzzzzzz.