Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

qaf episode titles

It's a limp and simple page, but it's purple.

I came home early intending to do laundry and to perhaps write, and it is now 8:19, which is not so early any longer. Of course, if I ever make it off the couch I may actually do those things. If I ever... make it off... this sinking ice floe couch...

Hey, I made a page. Lay off. (I'm talking to the evil little bird in my head, not you.)

I watched the last half of "Love Has Many Faces" tonight and the very end is that scene where Brian goes in the back room and finds Justin fucking some guy, and he just leans against the wall and lets someone give him a blow job but he can't stop staring at Justin. His eyes turn to him, then away, then back, then away. And finally he looks off as if he's resolved not to look again...and little by little his gaze creeps back.

All during this, Justin is just staring brazenly at Brian, jack-hammering his dick into his trick's ass and obviously thinking of...yeah.

Love love love.

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