Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Stargate: Avenger 2.0

Well, it was formulaic, scientifically dubious, and funny. I grinned a lot, I even giggled a few times. But I feel about the same way I might feel after eating a bag of chips, a dozen cookies, and a candy bar. Guilty and slightly bloated. There's nothing *wrong* with comic relief or a geek showcase or the SG1 equivalent of self-insertion fic (if you inserted yourself at a slight, self-deprecatory angle). I just find it odd that the show seems to have two modes, stolid and frothy, with very little middle ground. And I hate to see froth expended on peripheral characters. I missed Jack and Daniel, obviously. (Teal'c too, but I have certain J/D leanings and yens.)

Inappropriate touching indeed. I wish Sam had raised that issue instead of Jack (I love how he gets right to the point), or if not an issue of bad touch, of bad ogle. I know it's human to crush on coworkers and all, but I have to say I found Felger's behavior around Sam to be just a big pile of wrong. If I were her I would have smacked him down with a bit more professionalism. But this isn't JAG, right? This is lighter fare. At least it was this week. And so Sam suffers his behavior with good grace, extends generosity and compassion to him, is human rather than military. And we like that about her, but...still. Ewwww. I think it was the idea of over-cologning that made me shudder the most. I can almost smell it.

And next week, attack of the Space Bimbos. Sigh.

Is it too much to ask that the gods give me a Jack and Daniel ep where they're stranded off-world together, forced to shack up in a small hut with only a friendly herd of alien goats for company...oh wait, I wrote that story. it too much to *ask*?

Battlestar Galactica looks damn fantastic, by the way. I never really watched the original, but they've sliced off the hard cheese, you can see, and intend to go for grit and sophistication this time. (Did I see hot lesbian action? I didn't imagine that, did I?)

I still refuse to watch Taken. The numbing frequency of its promos killed off my interest the first time around, and I'm certainly not going to watch it stretched out over a month of Sundays come September. Isn't it out on DVD yet? Those Spielberg people--they have marketing issues.

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