Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

no more net

Aside from fantasizing last night, I had this weird train of thought about what would happen if the Internet went away. Like, nuked, overnight. What would I do? I began compiling this whole list of coping mechanisms and reactions:

If the net went away, but we still had e-mail...
  • Fandom would rebuild a whole series of overlapping emergency communities almost at once, through ersatz "mailing lists" that were the e-mail equivalent of conference calls, and I'd "join" as many as possible.
  • I'd retain a pretty close addiction to online fandom.
  • I'd be deleting a lot more mail, more often, including lengthy stories.
  • Attachments would become very necessary, and I'd need to update my virus software.

If the net went away, and so did e-mail...
  • I'd dig out what few fannish phone numbers I have squirreled away and start calling people in a dazed panic.
  • I'd pursue byzantine attempts through long person-to-person chains trying to track down phone numbers of people I was very close to online but not off.
  • I'd end up joining an APA or twelve.
  • I'd finally buy a printer.
  • I'd go back to working on original novels and poetry instead of fan-fiction.
  • I'd feel lonelier than usual and I'd probably try and rebuild local fannish friendships that I'd let drift by the wayside--maybe even go out to meet new people, as I've avoided doing. Local fannish gatherings might take on some strange overtones.
  • I'd be out of a job, because I work for a dot-com.
  • I'd visit the library more often.
  • I'd buy more reference books. I would constantly be trying to find out tiny but obscure bits of information and cursing my inability to google for it.
  • Life might slow down. I'd like to think I might work out more often, go out and do activities I don't do now because I'm always going straight home and logging on. Volunteer work? Hiking?
  • I might take up painting again.
  • I would miss all the funny irreverent stuff you find online--cultural lore and humor and news parodies and The Onion and Betty Bowers and the Brunching Shuttlecocks archive and and Salon. I'd have to rely on networks and newspapers for all my information. I'd have to subscribe to magazines instead of getting content for free.

Et cetera.

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