Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Going where the links take me.

Wandered into Salon this morning and read a salon premium article called "New Jack City," about the new wave of female exploitation in prime-time and off. (Quoting Howard Stern: '"I'm here to humiliate women," he says, simply. "That's my job."') You have to be a subscriber to read, but it's not a huge miss; it's a fairly brief and somewhat superficial summary of T&A TV, with a few wild Mulderian leaps and a definite slant. Not that the author is necessarily wrong. I was surprised, reading the itemization of shows, at just how much sleazy dreck is out there--I'd sensed the tide rising over the last few years, through watching promos, but I don't tune in, so it's not right there in my face.

Leaping off from there, I visited Tony Pierce's photo essays, and clicked through his "essay" on web cam girls. It ended on his links page, and the list under "I Will Never Be This Cool" beckoned. While browsing LoobyLu's web site, I squirreled down into the good stuff, and wound up on enokiworld looking at vintage clothing. "Want something that's so unbelievably cool it could make other girls ignore you because your sheer fabulousness would make them uncomfortable?" enoki asks. I'm not sure this is the item you're thinking of, but hey, it's pink and it's only $415.

What are the odds that I've formatted all these links properly?

In other news, I'm feeling untrendy or thrifty or tired, or some blurry, ineffable combination of all these, and have cancelled my Escapade plans for this year. I will miss seeing everyone, a lot. And I reserve the right to remain ambivalent and regret it a bit later, and even to be grumpy for the next several weeks on the subject.

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