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If I keep posting links to other people's smart thoughts, I will become known as smart by association.

::taps side of nose with wily finger and winks::

Last night I had a little Daniel/Spike fantasy. Which is odd for a few reasons because (1) the landscape in my head has been suffering a sex fantasy drought for several weeks now, and (2)Daniel? and Spike? the hell? I think there are some good possibilities for SG1/BtVS crossovers, because you've got portals, secret military initiatives, bodily possession and suchlike--the Gou'ald are kind of demony, and at least one alien has crash-landed on BtVS. But if there was ever a pairing that just cried out BWAH HA HA HA, it's Daniel/Spike. And not only did I force Daniel into my sordid little fantasy world, it was Amnesia!Daniel with a kind of necrophiliac fetish. I am evil.

But my thought was that Daniel, coming from an area of study--Egyptian culture and history--with a rich mythos surrounding death, would be very interested in what vampires represent in terms of soul and body. Like, the Egyptians believed in all these different aspects of what made up a person. After death, the soul--the "ba"--can come and go, but other elements like the "ka," which is described as a double of a person, remain attached. And the "akh," or spirit, travels to the Underworld for judgment. So does a vampire's akh move on, while his ka remains to help shape his personality, while his *ba*--what? It's characterized like a bird, that flies in and out of the dead person's tomb, so what if instead of hanging out in the ether to be occasionally recaptured in spells, it occasionally flits down to land on a vampire's shoulder and twitter at it?

Also, it was believed that deceased spirits slept in their tombs during the day, and at night accompanied the god Re in his travels through the Underworld.

Anyway, I don't know what I'm trying to get across. But I imagine it possible that Daniel would be fascinated by the idea of preservation after death--especially given how he'd lost Sha're--and the questions of soul and personality and identity. I mean, SG1 is premised on the idea that many Egyptian myths actually described a reality of alien conquest. If you add in the supernatural elements of the Buffyverse, could you reconcile the two in any way?

There was a good crossover story a while back called The Scarab. I liked it quite a lot. Even though, you know, Daniel and Spike did not partake of the gay sex.

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