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04 August 2003 @ 08:46 pm
To that last thought. I think I actually do a better job at giving myself a bad rap most days than anyone else could. I'm offhand, sketch thoughts without really filling them in. The truth is, I'm not insanely sensitive about my stories in most situations. I tend to have healthy emotional distance from older stories, I love getting corrections of things I've gotten wrong--typos, word usage, any tiny factoids of canon or non-canon I've included in a story, etc--and most valid criticism I can usually find a way to live with.

It's just that on other days, whether or not I'm able to write at all depends on how well I can keep my blinders on, and I've had a few bad experiences where I was winging along, writing writing writing, then got a piece of criticism--quite minor--and suddenly staggered, threw a shoe, and went crashing off the track, derailed, stalled, etc. So I probably err on the side of caution and cultivate this principle of avoidance.

Must go. My thought is done. So is my toast.