Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

destina is a smart cookie

Read her entry on Fanfic writes and public critique. Admire her sensible shoes brain.

I have to admit that I am actually a thin-skinned kind of writer (insert GASP from audience, and cries of Nooooooo! that can be gradually recognized as sarcasm), and am generally glad not to receive negative criticism about my stories. I have enough trouble getting up in the morning. I over-identify. And yet, I've found in the past that I can blow off criticism I consider stupid. I was going to say more here, but I think I'll keep some of my other issues to myself.

Anyway, these really are *the* definitive guidelines of etiquette for the kind of writer we should all try to be. These should be, as someone else said, required reading. They should be rendered in cross-stitch and hung on the wall.

If I ever had to watch a story of mine being dissected to death on some list, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't insert myself defensively into the discussion--I just hope I wouldn't dissolve into a pulsing, smoking mass of scorched ego in private or here in my LJ.

::drifts off::

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