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Adult language, situations, and nudity tally:

* The "brown" word, shit (2)
* dick (3)
* goddamn
* Blow-job in tanning bed
* Teen sex attempt
* Side of a breast--just a quick flash
* Fake breasts w/ruptured implants
* Naked stripper ass
* "two-inch pecker, hairy ass, balls like..."
* "she can suck the peel off an apple"
* lap dance
* self-circumcision--blood! gahhhhhhhhh!

Other tiny thoughts before I go to bed, sweet bed:

They had gorgeous new credits.

They started 1.2 six weeks after the pilot! Very cool. It did make one little bit of the plot continuity dubious, which was the issue of Matt's circumcision. I'm surprised that discussion hadn't progressed at all. But I'd been wondering how they'd handle the period of Christian's recovery from his Botox torture, and I thought it was cool that they were so willing to skip ahead. It let them do more realistic things with other issues, like the hiring of the psychologist, Liz's absence and rehiring, etc.

Matt's teen dick angst was so poignant, I wanted to hug him. Poor sweet kid.

Great character: the lesbian anesthesiologist, Liz, played by the fabulous Roma Maffia. I've liked her since her tiny guest stint on X-Files, years ago.

The look on Christian's face when Liz revealed she'd gotten her salary doubled was priceless.

The nose breakings are really, really hard to watch.

"That's impossible. Gerbils can't climb porcelain. No traction for their claws." Bwah! And the plumber invoking Ted Bundy, and then questioning Julia's motherhood. Oh lord. Poor, poor Julia.

Christian taking Matt to a strip club to get him laid! Hee. I love him. And Matt's expression was actually very sweet. And then Matt challenges him on the subject of love, and we get secret Christian/Julia angst. Awww.

The whore challenging Christian's sexuality was interesting, and his reflexive, assholic response was unsurprising. I'm not surprised he had impotency issues, but assumed at first they were related to the Botox injections.

In the kitchen scene with Julia and Christian, Julia McMahon looked way fucking hot. Loved his outfit. Oops. Continuity glitch in one moment, Christian saying "the other day," when referring to his "examination" of Julia's breasts. But a moment later, they're correctly setting continuity to a period of weeks. Loved that C. blamed his Botox trauma on Bell's Palsy. Hah! But when he's apologizing for his exam, and comforting J., he's shows shades of ethics and compassion. It's interesting--I think a part of me was really expecting Christian to be Brian Kinney, but he's actually much softer, more emotionally expressive, not as deep in denial or as manipulative as Brian. At least so far.

Sean is the obvious fall guy for the audience--the one we can't quite identify with. In some ways, he's as much a prick as Christian, but he's not as charming. Doesn't have as much charisma.

Jesus. Mandi and Randi are some seriously fucked-up little chickadees. More compassion from Christian here. I know from the previews that he's going to call the psychologist "sweetheart" later and offend her, but here when he calls Mandi "sweetheart" it's very paternal (not in a bad way) and gentle.

Oooh, Christian. Lying to your friend and partner. Bad, bad boy. But again--his expressions are great. When Sean said knowing Julia was dating again would kill him, C. looked truly torn on some level. Not torn as in indecisive, but torn as in...torn.

Ohhhhhhh dear. No no no. Self-circumcision. Not a good idea. DON'T DO IT, MATT!

OH MY FUCKING GOD OH MY FUCKING GODDDDDDDDDD! OH MY GOD! Christian pulled the noble asshole trick! He pulled a Brian Kinney! I love him I love him I love him!

For those who aren't watching, and don't care about spoilers, but may be interested:

* He heard from his friend and partner, Sean, that Sean was leaving his wife, Julia, the woman he has always loved
* He invites her on a date, making obvious big plans
* Sean tells him that Julia dating would kill him
* On Julia's arrival, Christian is sitting in bed, perfectly posed with Mandi and Randi, the young twins he recently operated on, naked in his arms

He wanted her to find him, so that her impulses would be killed dead.

Sigh. I really like this crazy, sleazy show. I'm a little worried about next week's episode though, since it has a plot that obviously revolves around a psycho fat girl. Hopefully they will make her human and sympathetic.

Edited to add: there's this Ameriquest commercial where all these people are wearing little signs with clues to their identity, and one guy in a business suit wears one that says, "Big Tipper." Except it's hard to read and every time I see it, I think for a moment that it says, "Pig Tipper."

Pig Tipper.


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