Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

bored now.

Just in case you're having trouble identifying people you need to defriend and snub, let me note that:

* I am a skeezy rapist who likes RPF
* I am one of those incomprehensible freaks who likes slash
* I am one of those creepy people who holds a redemptionist view of Spike
* I like Spuffy
* I intend to talk about all the AtS characters next season
* I brood about myself in my LJ
* I am 78% boring
* I am 79% bored
* I begin a lot of sentences with "I"
* I am writing very slowly at the moment, and posting very little
* I am going to bite your head

Clearly I'm an amalgam of all the worst qualities in fandom, and anyone reading this needs to let go of their precarious attachment to my LJ and move on.

Splitters! Splitters!
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