Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

disturbingly perfect new drama

I belatedly watched the pilot of Nip/Tuck tonight, the new show about plastic surgeons in Florida. I had been squicked by all the blood and needles in the promos, which made me sad, because I wanted to check it out and see what they did with Julian McMahon. But then a friend who watched it told me how much dark greatness there was in it, so I decided I'd give it a chance. And it was full of just the kind of sick shit I love, and JM was great. The pilot is on again tomorrow night (10PM, F/X Network), and the next new ep is on Tuesday at 10PM.

So, because I had my laptop open and was in a state of amazement, I made a list of all the explicit language, adult content, and general lunacy in the show so far. Granted, all in all it's pretty tame, but I'm still fascinated to see explicit content edging its way into network television, even if it is a cable network:

  • shit
  • shitty
  • asshole
  • dick
  • cock
  • "take it up the ass in prison"
  • camera shot of naked ass getting implants
  • goddamn
  • pot-smoking
  • "you get your vagina waxed"
  • "when you scewed me"
  • coke-sniffing
  • "tomorrow you'll be one hot bitch"
  • nearly naked Julian McMahon, tied to a chair and injected with Botox, including his dick
  • JM tossing a woman down on a bed and fucking her doggy-style, intercut with shots of the other doctor doing his wife with half-hearted interest--and climax shots for both of them
  • themes of child molestation
  • sprays of liposuctioned fat
  • corpse dumping, i.e., tying a dozen hams to a corpse and setting it out in a swamp to be eaten by alligators

    It was way fun. I loved JM's character, Christian Troy, big-time. He's supposed to be ethically fucked, your average professional asshole, arrogant as hell, yadda yadda, but in fact he's already run through the gamut of vulnerability both emotional and physical, and shows a lot of concern for others, especially his adopted family. In short, he's another incarnation of Spike. Which of course just carries on the trend from his previous role of Cole Turner.

    The previews for upcoming episodes made my jaw drop, just as the original series promo had. Including:

    Female Psychologist: "Don't call me sweetheart. It's offensive."
    Troy, blandly: "I call all my bitches 'sweetheart'."

    Clearly, they're not going to worry about about restraint.

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