Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

man your hovercrafts, men

I impulsively rented the most recent 007 movie on Pay-Per-View. I may need to stick to PPV from now on, as my last rental tape is still sitting on the table two--three?--weeks after it was due back.

James Bond really is the Cheese. This opening battle on the hovercrafts is just beyond incredulity--and the blue-screen FX are so obvious, they're practically charming in their retro fashion. As are the goofy girly credits. But then we get to the good stuff, which is Bond's 14-month incarceration and torture, his unrepentant bravado, subsequent escape (the coolest ever), and a loser's return. It's very cool that they keep calling him an assassin, though admittedly the assumption of British political correctness remains intact. It's about as close as they ever come, I think, to characterizing him as a dark agent. I like the villain in this one too; the genetically reconstructed Gustav Graves, whose actor reminds me of Guy Pearce.

I watched "Blue Crush" yesterday, which was what it was. I liked it a lot. There was a hotness of girl flesh and fantastic camera work on the surfing scenes, and some edgy background character stuff--I mean, there was something startling about the portrayal of the life they were leading in such an otherwise mainstream film. Mother missing, 14-year old kid sister drinking and hanging with an older crowd and coming home late, alone. I mean, the movie took it pretty much for granted; it was a very minor plot point. I thought at first the stuff with the kid sister was going somewhere, but it didn't. The assumption was not that this lifestyle was truly bad for her, but that she'd turn out all right. Lip service was given to the possibility she'd end up pregnant on welfare, but really, the confidence with which she navigated island life made her seem blessed, a golden child, like her sister.

anaxila posted another one of her fantastic QAF episode commentaries, for 1.3 (Crystal Night). I rec her coolness to everyone.

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