Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

it's quiet and there are thumbs

Every now and then I run across one of Steve Oedekerk's insane thumb films on Showtime. Tonight it was The Blair Thumb. It can be difficult to watch these movies, because the thumb people have monstrously distorted, toothy mouths and close-set eyes and no noses. But if you keep watching, it's eventually rather mesmerizing, and the movies--shorts, really--can be fucking hysterical. This one cracked me up. I still don't understand the end of The Blair Witch Project. Kind of a gyp, really. I await closure.

I posted story critique on BBF. I am going to hell.

In other news, I thought I could get away with ignoring work this weekend and pretend my company didn't exist for 48 hours. But it turns out I can't, and that's karma, baby. So I'll just suck it up.

These recent entries are really undeserving of a triple-digit friends list. I harbor a small, blinking hope that someday I'll rebound.


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