Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

A Family Affair

I get to use a QAF episode title. ;) QAF 3.4 is on tonight--caught it by accident. I meant to tape the replays of season three, but they switched air times. Still, I console myself: DVDs can't be too far off.

Stray notes.

This is the one where Brian's asshat nephew accuses him of molestation. What a little prick. I love that Brian flushes his head in the toilet--he's so beautifully, leanly muscled and so happy as he manhandles the kid across the loft and shoves him down. It makes me wonder--what do people think: when Brian was young, adolescent, was he the Young Queer Boy who got *his* head shoved in the toilet in school, or is his persona now the adult manifestation of a life-long alpha male history? We know he defended Michael, and he gives off the air of someone who has always stood up for himself and said "Fuck you!" to the world and his foes. But that can also be learned behavior. I tend to think that having Michael around as a kind of little brother, someone who looked up to him, someone to protect, made Brian stronger....

Justin is so adorable, as ususal. Immediately worried about Brian and confident of his innocence, and it's interesting that he rescues him from a fate worse than death for the *second* time in their short history. And that's just counting the false accusations, not stuff like Justin's dad beating up on Brian.

Rewatching this reminds me of how much I love the dialogue on this show, like when Brian is telling Michael he should save his spunk so that he can shoot it up Melanie's twat, and he keeps calling his sister a worthless cunt, and when he says "fuck you" to his mom. I swear, I adore Brian and his big queer rage. Maybe it's true that I couldn't get close to him or love him in real life, but that's not the point. I love him just where he is, in fiction, as something--someone--larger than life, a colorful, darkly heroic bastard.

So, have I posted my theories here about how Brian is really a straight guy who just happens to have a gay sex life? Yeah, I think I have. Surely.

Brian was going to get a Botox treatment? Snerk. Queen!

Michael: "I'm half Italian and half-drag queen, I'm allowed to get worked up!" Heh.

"Why would he make it up?"
"Because your son is a twisted, fag-hating liar, Claire!"

The Ted/Emmet "old nail" thing is so sad. Because you can totally see Ted's point of view, his horror that Emmett tossed it. But of *course* Emmett threw it away. Who wouldn't? And, well, it represents so much more.

The club song by Narcotic Thrust, "Safe from Harm"--love that, given that we're about two minutes from Justin saving Brian once again. Little vigilante lover boy.

Justin, as Nephew Johnny imagines Brian getting raped in prison: "Your mother must subscribe to HBO."

Love the shell bracelet--I swear, I've seen half a dozen people wearing these in Seattle, and I don't even run in hip circles. And I love, love, love that QAF isn't afraid to have fun with artfully dramatic plots hinging on stuff like an initialed bracelet. The show creates a sense of sharp realism with naturalistic character portrayals and real language that you'll never find on network TV, but combines that with the most engaging features of old-fashioned storytelling.

Ohmygod, Brian and Justin. When Justin is putting the bracelet back on his wrist, Brian's face is so fucking sweet, I could just die. And he's wearing the Wifebeater of True Love and the Jeans of Pure Sex. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Their love is forever.

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