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21 July 2003 @ 05:22 pm
paranoia at five p.m.  
So last night I was not tired and had to sleep, and then I got tired and couldn't sleep. And then I was tired all fucking day. And it seems to breed in me a vague work-related paranoia and irritation. Am I appreciated enough? Do people understand that I'm loaded with work and I'm actually *working*? Do people think I'm slacking? What do those little looks mean? Or am I just imagining them? Do people like me?

I feel in a bitey mood. Like, "Bite me!" Or maybe, "I'll bite you!" Or maybe, "Take a bite out of crime!" ...no, strike that last one. Replace "crime" with "brownie".

I wonder if my car will carry me to Scarecrow Video and back without killing me. My need for fresh MST3K tapes is almost a nutritional deficit....