Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


I'm just in an asky mood lately. Toady Today I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can find an MP3 online of a song or songs by Kane. I've been thinking about buying CK's CD for the longest time, but the combo of price and uncertainty about what it sounds like has stopped me.

In return, I offer this page I found with several ASH MP3s. I have had a few of these songs in .ram format for a while, but was looking for a different format and stumbled a load of other stuff I didn't have, which I'm very excited about. Listen to "I Can't Stand the Rain" for instance--despite the ambient noise, he gives me chills. Actually, sorry, what I mean to say is, THE MAN GIVES ME FUCKING CHILLS!!! I would so do him. Repeatedly.

(Though most of you probably know this already: remember not to link to other people's MP3s, as this steals their bandwidth.)

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