Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Beware of what you wish for, yo.

I'm doing a hundred things today, and doing none of them well. A former co-worker writes me from Prague and tells me it's cold there and the Charles Bridge is beautiful. Her bequeathed plants are sitting on my windowsill, not yet dead.

Am having sudden regrets that I wished for an interesting life, because I've just learned that our department is undergoing yet another re-org, and that there have been lay-offs. No worries on my job, but they're letting go critical support people that we simply can't do without, at a time when we should in fact be hiring. So mind-boggling is the news that my brain has wrenched itself from its stem in sheer horror and plunged itself out the sixth-story window. There is a messy spot on the ground, around which pedestrians are stepping.

Granted, this news is of significant interest only to me, but still. Bastards.

I can't wait to work out today. How weird is that?

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