Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

QAF Episode Titles

Yes, my insane project to title all the Queer as Folk episodes has been concluded in a burst of afternoon obsession. I am pleased with the results. Some titles feel incredibly apt, some merely convenient, but I don't think any are badly off. A lot of them are taken from movies, e.g., "Love Has Many Faces" is a Lana Turner movie, riffing off Emmett's reference to her--it seemed like it applied well to facets of the plot lines.

Anyway, shows need titles, so that people can talk about episodes, and numbers just aren't mnemonic. It's lame to have no titles, damn it! So, even though it may seem silly and self-important, I'm tossing these out there and hoping they stick. I want them to become memelike in their persuasiveness, fanonlike. Take them, propagate them, post them, use them, own them, spread them like butter--no attribution needed. I'll also put them in my memories under "QAF Love."

Love! Valour! Obsession!

Season 1

1-1: New Boy
1-2: The Big Q
1-3: Crystal Night
1-4: To Live and Die in Pittsburgh
1-5: Adjustments
1-6: Date Bait
1-7: Hit and Run
1-8: The Rules
1-9: Pitts9x6
1-10: Road Trip
1-11: The Birthday Party
1-12: Men Behaving Badly
1-13: See the Light
1-14: Lies We Tell
1-15: Sons and Leathers
1-16: Out of Your League
1-17: Liberty and Justin for All
1-18: Getting Clean
1-19: Jack in the Box
1-20: Let's Hear It for the Boy
1-21: Split Decisions
1-22: The Last Dance

Season 2

2-1: A Fine Romance
2-2: Take Two
2-3: Gay as Blazes
2-4: Pride
2-5: Risky Business
2-6: Negotiations and Love Songs
2-7: Accentuate the Positive
2-8: My Prince Will Come
2-9: The Naked Truth
2-10: Hate Crimes
2-11: Wedding Belles
2-12: Degrees of Separation
2-13: Father is a Bachelor
2-14: Just Say Yes
2-15: Rage
2-16: Great Expectations
2-17: How to Get Ahead in Advertising
2-18: Defending Your Life
2-19: Three's a Crowd
2-20: Release

Season 3

3.1: In and Out
3.2: Promises
3.3: Lessons
3.4: A Family Affair
3.5: Blind Ambition
3.6: Truth in Advertising
3.7: Love Has Many Faces
3.8: Get Back
3.9: Outrage
3.10: Slippery Slope
3.11: A Helping Hand
3.12: Gay Crusaders
3.13: Sticking Point
3.14: Family Values

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