Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Habeas Corpses

Just a few thoughts.

In browsing LJs and reading on-list, I'm surprised no one's mentioned "Resident Evil" yet, since last night's ep was just one big rip-off homage.

I don't have any strong opinions, but after the ep I had this thought, which was about a certain kind of staleness that can take over shows. Say you have an ensemble and sets, and you have the same screenwriters and creative minds at work, and also the same actors, each working within his or her specific, it's like, no matter what you write, it's bound to taste kind of the same. It's like how an author's stories can all have the same style and focus, so that if you read 20 stories by Author X in a row it usually tends to wear on you, no matter how good they are.

Being surprised is one of the primary pleasures I get from watching a show, and when almost nothing surprises me, I get jaded. And I don't mean surprise as "big shock!" It can be very subtle, like a line delivery. Stephanie Romanov put her entire heart and soul into making a few crap lines sound almost fresh; she was *on* and I watched her with some wide-eyed fascination. That was one of the few moments in the ep that zinged me. The grittification of Wesley during last season was surprising and effective, because it opened up the character and allowed A.D. to show off his range in a number of small but amazing ways.

Whereas Gunn's responses are so tediously predictable as to be painful, Angel's responses not much less so. Fred is doing nothing but treading water as a character. Cordy's morning after regret was expected, and Connor's angst, and blah blah blah. Sure, I want characters to remain *in character*. But there are times when Angel, more than BtVS, feels like a soap opera in which the soap has become sort of caked up and dry.


In other news I seem to be disagreeing with everyone on everything! (She said cheerfully.) Weird.

It's only as I type these entries that I realize how boring my life is. I ate breakfast! I came to work! I typed a while! Wouldn't it be cooler if I could say: I had sex last night with a one-armed man! He left me tied up and I had to chew through the ropes! On the way to work, I robbed a bakery--mm, muffins--and then I lit a man on fire just to watch him burn!

I can't decide if "may you have an interesting life" is equivalent to the ambiguous Chinese curse/blessing, "may you live in interesting times." Possibly I should just suck up my tedium and be grateful for it.

I watered my plants! I finished my coffee!
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