Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

nearly friday

I rewatched QAF last night, eps 2.5-2.8. I'm sure it's no surprise when I say I totally fixated on Brian. It's so easy to call him an asshole that I was surprised at how many times in this short arc of episodes that he acted on behalf of others, and in a way that was fairly sweet, if you look beneath the smirky surface. He casually got Ted a job, and helped Michael get enough money to start his shop, with the sale of a comic book *he'd* given Michael (you have to wonder what it originally set him back), an item that he'd have had to pay for a second time if he'd lost the auction. And he didn't sulk about his gift being sold. During this time he also tacitly admitted to Deb that he loved Justin, negotiated a real--if unconventional--relationship with J., firmly stuck to his condoms-only policy when J. wanted to go bareback, and then even got a little shmoopy about it. (Tenderness midfuck--so swoonworthy.) Oh, and when Justin slept with that frat boy and kissed him, Brian didn't guilt him or confront him about it, or turn around and exact petty retribution--in fact, he got insecure and went and worked out like a crazy bastard so that he could keep his hot young lover. Heh.

I swear, I think his prickly, careless personality hides the fact that he does this kind of shit *all the time*, and that what looks like occasional out-of-character acts of selflessness are really just the occasions when he pulls off the mask.

I also love that he doesn't bullshit. When Justin asks why he was invited to move in, Brian doesn't answer because he's conflicted to a standstill, to silence: he won't lie, but he doesn't want to hurt Justin either. And then he tells the truth later, but admits he cares--after he's processed a bit, of course, and been bitchslapped by Deb. And re the whole condom thing, he's not giving a PSA; he just thinks it's fucking stupid to go bareback. Literally.

I'm a little smitten.

I'm working hard at work--which should go without saying, but never mind--and I feel like I'm never going to catch up. It's making me irritable. As are stupid people here who can't read fucking English and need a slug of hot lead up their left nostril to clear out their brain cavity. Also, they currently have no caffeine-free Diet Coke across the street and I am in danger of getting CAFFEINATED.

Bored, restless,'s a recipe for mass destruction.

Can't wait to see the Charlie's Angels sequel. Maybe that'll help me work off some excess lunacy.
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