Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

Help, I'm being contacted by aliens.

That esteemed businessperson just offered me, "Half Off V1agra! fagzb." However, I have reason to believe that Pickle Bump is in fact an alien, and wants to suck out my brain. I exist in fear.

Last night I had this longish post planned out in my head--these are the stupid things that keep me from falling asleep--all about my favorite scenes in movies. But today I'm like, eh. I have a bad memory. That makes it hard to remember favorite things. I know I like chocolate, though.

There's that scene in Aliens when Ripley drives the ATV into the compound to rescue the Marines. And in Good Will Hunting, that great scene when Sean confronts Will in his office and says, "It's not your fault" over and over again until Will just loses it and starts to cry. Very much an actorly scene, but it also rips my heart out. And, see, that's really all I remember off the top of my head. That's sad. Hmmm. Okay, I can probably dredge up a few more: the bit in A Fish Called Wanda when Wanda's in Archie Leach's loft and he starts talking in Russian and she more or less starts humping the railing and sliding to the floor and moaning with arousal. Cracks me up, but it's so sweet, too.

In White Palace, when Max is getting a blow job from Nora, and he gropes around in blind ecstasy and pulls the sandwich out from under the bed and then tosses it aside. And then later in the movie when he's at a friend's house, during a party, and he pulls the dustbuster off the wall and screams, "There's no *dust* in her *dust*buster!"

In Halloween when Laurie runs out of the house where she's found all her dead friends and Michael Myers is following her across the road, getting closer step by unhurried step, and she's screaming and pounding on the doors of her neighbors and no one lets her in, and the one guy turns on his porch light and then turns it off--flashes of Kitty Genovese--and she runs back to the house where she's babysitting and is begging for the kid to let her in and then gets inside, at the very last possible moment. GYAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

The shopping scene in Pretty Woman where Edward drags Viv into a tony boutique and tells the manager to spoil her rotten. I'd like to see that movie remade nearly scene for scene with Brian and Justin....

I have a very simple, very *American* taste in movies, apparently.

And then there's Spock's death scene in Wrath of Khan, and the scene in Die Hard where Hans calculatingly yells, "Shoot the glass!" and the office windows shatter and John has to run across it in his bare feet, and ends up in the stairwell, bloodied all to hell. Oh, and the moaning scene in When Harry Met Sally, with the split screen, when they're both moaning in bed together and then Sally's light goes out, and Harry is left there moaning by himself. And in Broadcast News, when Jane deliberately unhooks the cord of her hotel room phone and lays it across the top, under the receiver, and sits on the edge of her bed and cries on schedule. And just about every Richard Dreyfuss scene in Jaws, like when he's trying to explain the dangers to the mayor, by pointing out the scale of the shark on the billboard. He's such a snarky little bastard. The scene on the boat when they all tell scar stories and then sing, "Show me the way to go home..." And I love that bit in Deep Blue Sea, when Samuel L. Jackson's character is speechifying and gets snapped in half by the shark.

Some of these are very silly. Are they really my favorites? I don't know.

The very end of Thelma & Louise. Holden's attempted menage a trois in Chasing Amy, when Banky agrees to sleep with them, pretty much tacitly admitting he's in love with Holden--or at least that he's got some big gay issues--and then says, "Thank Christ!" or whatever when Amy refuses.

The whole long attempted murder in I Love You to Death--the drugged spaghetti, the stoners trying to shoot Joey, Joey wandering downstairs with a bullet in his head, getting introduced to the hired killers, eating more spaghetti as everyone tries to process the horror.

In In & Out when Howard is playing that tape, trying to make himself more manly, but then just lets go and dances happily to "I Will Survive." Kevin Kline is such a lovely man.

This is dumb, but it is content--100% Fiber-Board in Every Bite!--so I guess I'll post it.
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