Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

SG1: Fragile Balance

I missed the first 10 minutes or so--I was about to turn in for the night ("Turn into what, Anna?") and then got struck once again by the question of whether there are USQAF episode titles, and logged back online and decided via google that no, there are none, and that's stupid, and then I put in a DVD to double-check, and their absence seemed definitive--and now I'm seriously wondering, how goofy and self-important *would* it be if I named them all?--because honestly, what the hell's up with that? Are they going to hold a contest someday to name them? Anyway, I glanced at the clock, realized the second showing of SG1 was on, and planted myself on the couch like an ear of fallen corn.

Destina's right--that actor they got for Mini-Jack was fucking *perfect*. I loved him and his little constellation of zits. Heh.

It was a fun episode, but I am left in a state of bemusement by the idea that fiftysomething Jack is going back to high school to date nubile teen girls. Does anyone else find that disturbing? No? Yes? No? Okay, whatever.

Plus, Regression!Fic is now canon. And you betcha we'll be living *that* one down for years to come. At least he wasn't five. But still. Some of those mischievious Loki-like SG1 writers have been smoking crack reading netfic, I think.

The ending was abrupt, and the possibilities that could be explored in Jack 2.0's life are so fascinating that I can't see this as a fun little one-off. I bet--I hope--that they'll revisit it throughout the season, pull him back in for an arc or two. I mean, I think the original Jack could easily ignore his clone and its existential implications. But plotwise, how can they just let this loose end drop for good?

Classic scifi coolness, plotwise. I'm glad to see them rebound quickly from that dull season opener.

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