Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

stolen smallville recs

Over in thamiris's journal, svmadelyn recs Billy Swanson by Lenore, whose stuff I've grooved on since Sentinel. She's one of those writers, how to put this. One of those writers who have their fingers jammed into the electrical socket of pure sex. And in this story, besides the hot sex, there's also evidence of an uncanny ear for dialogue and a keen sense of canon--especially in that Clark/Lex Talon scene.

"Uncanny ear for dialogue" -- "keen sense of canon." Writing reviews really makes me sound pretentious. (Or is that *more* pretentious? I don't know want to know. Leave me alone. I'll be in this hole.) This is probably why I don't rec as often as other people.

Anyway. I wandered deeper into Lenore's journal (scribblinlenore) and found The Scientific Method, which just cracked me up, as if by a sphincter of steel.

Um, that's a quote. So go read, okay? so I don't sound too insane.

Svmadelyn also recs Around the World in a Day by hackthis, which was a kind of startling reminder that I *can* feel shmoopy about CLex, even though I've been feeling disaffected about the show itself for half a season.

All of this reading, by the way, was just another clever ruse to avoid writing fiction of my own. And to postpone my need to rise from this chair and go to the supermarket. If I make this dawdling last long enough, I'll have only enough time left this evening to watch QAF and fall yawning into bed.

I really should have gone to the office and worked this weekend, like I intended. Then at least while not having written, I'd have the compensation of feeling virtuous and of having gotten work done.


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