Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

The Big "O"

So I should say upfront here that I'm going to use borderline TMI not for its own sake, but merely to springboard into a more general, in which I solicit more TMI, so I guess that doesn't make me especially shiny, and screw disclaimers.

Anyway. Although I can't remember any details--pfffttt--last night I had the most intense sex dream I've ever had; there was definitely a ping on the orgasm-o-tron, which though I have a lot of erotic dreams is unusual for me. But when I woke up, it clearly hadn't been a physical one. Which is interesting, in that it helps certify that old truism that most arousal is in the mind. But what I'm curious to know is--can women have "wet dreams"? I mean, okay, I really do not need to know your intimate panty details here. I'm just saying--if these were possible, you'd think every woman would experience a wet dream at least a few times in her life, if not at the frequency men do. I never have though. I've heard a few anecdotal claims of women who have, but I've never seen documentation, or the more widespread appearance of this meme (for lack of a better word) in mass media.

It's odd to me, and of interest. But then again, I have a lot of sex dreams. {g}

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