Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.

steamy goodness

Man. Have been wallowing in the good way. Finally took the time to go and read the latest stories in the Career Change series that I recced the other day, Desperate Times and the to-be-continued Glory Night. I know some people stay away from WIPs, but sometimes you should just let yourself be seduced because, Jesus, this series is fan-fucking-tastic, and just gets better with every new installment. Originally, I remember the premise of the series reading to me as a dark but modest twist of fate--what if Giles were vamped? And in the first few stories, there's a heavy focus on Giles and Spike. There was no bad there, but now it's really taking off, cleverly and ambitiously reworking the heart of season five, with a skillful weaving of ensemble threads. And there's never a single wrong note--every character is in character, even Giles, and he's a *vampire*, so how good do you have to be to pull that off? Freaking brilliant. When you read this, you *get* why fan-fiction exists--to go to this cool, inventive, edgy place that canon won't, but do it exactly as if canon *would*. Would have if it could have. Plus, it's just deliciously good fun.

As I mentioned before, if you start with New Boy, you can continue at the end of the story via links to all the sequels. It's so very worth it.

I also discovered that a sequel was posted to Steam, a hot X/S story from a while back. The sequel is Touch, and I think I might even like it better--when I realized at the end of the story where and how it had been fitted into season six, I felt a strange pang of gratitude. Because sometimes fan-fiction is a sweet, gooey balm to ease the wounds that canon inflicts.

I joined the Yahoo group for fiction announcements from the Two Ladies of Quality. I love when people have Yahoo groups. It makes tracking WIPs so much easier.


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