Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


What does it mean that I got unfriended by three people at once? Unlike certain vampires, I haven't killed anyone, but now I will be all soulful and brood about my possible sins.

I thought I'd sent myself, here at work, some URLs for BtVS stories I wanted to rec. But I was wrong. However, my popslash odyssey continues. These last few days, it's all I've been reading. I read a great story by Betty Plotnick, though "great" is kind of an unnecessary adjective, since of course there is no such thing as an ungreat story by Betty Plotnick, in any fandom, but anyway, this story, Unarmed, is one of those bittersweet, whipped-cream-and-espresso concoctions I so admire. And there are no author's notes about it to provide clues, but I found it astonishingly resonant with QAF characters in a way that may be quite deliberate. How else to explain why this Lance/Justin story reads so very much like a take on the Brian/Justin arc? Well okay, cosmic synchronicity perhaps, instead of clever homage, and if it wasn't deliberate it makes the story no less wonderful. But like finding S/X parallels in Lust Over Pendle, the ghosts of fannish crossovers create another level of engagement for me. I like seeing these affinities.

I also read a bunch of Julad's stories, including At First Sight, which was self-referential and very cool and made me cry.

In other news, I've decided after years of confusion to use the term "fanwank" to mean whatever the hell I want it to mean, deliberately, with full knowledge that it can mean other, more confusing things. So when you see me use it from now on, and you think I'm using it wrong, no need to tell me. Because I'm doing it on purpose.

So there.
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