Anna S. (eliade) wrote,
Anna S.


Spoilers for the most recent Farscape, so I'll cut-away.

Theorizing: so, previously, because of the quick learning curve, I'd assumed that the neural language bio-translator implants, if not actually programmed, worked to recognize some loosely associated or "familial" set of galactic languages--like, for that area of colonized space. But that was just an assumption. If the babelfish more naturally "eat" languages and excrete comprehension, wouldn't it be natural that the crew of Moya would pick up English at some pace?

And they did pick it up fairly quickly, which follows from what we've seen of its previous functionality, yes? (Except for that AU vision of John's, where they were locked up on Earth and unable to speak to humans.) What makes less sense is Aeryn sounding out words from the TV--but then again, I guess it could be that she was trying to learn *written* language, rather than verbal.

Maybe I'm just restating a horse that has already beaten to death. Does this make sense?

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